My Favorite Youtubers/Youtube channels!

Hey everyone! One of my favorite things to do is to watch youtube videos. I love to watch different people and channels so that I can learn stuff and also to laugh and clear my mind a bit. I will not include here beauty youtubers because I plan to do a different post about that since I watch a lot of people, so stay tuned for that!


Liza Koshy


I freaking ADORE Liza’s youtube videos and her whole channel. I laugh every time with her videos and I love her cheesy puns.

David Dobrik


Look, I know they sometimes make racist jokes, and I don’t like that, but I love the fact that his vlogs are with all his friends and everyone participates and they are really funny, okay. Also, yes I love the fact that his Liza’s boyfriend and I ship them a lot, I mean…



Tyler Oakley


I LOVE Tyler Oakley, his personality is so funny and amazing, his videos are hilarious and yeah, I love him.


Youtube Channels



I started watching Roman’s blog channel because of his main channel where he did a lot of cool pranks. Now his channel is one of my favorites. He usually posts his daily life with his whole family and I love it!

david dobrik too


I love this channel because he usually does challenges with his friends or Liza. The pic above is from one of my favorites.

liza koshy too


Again, I love her jokes and puns! She’s the best.

Crash Course


I loooove crash course! They have different series about different topics and I actually learn a lot with their videos!



Boldly is part of Buzzfeed video and I love ALL of them, but boldly is my fave. It has to do more with trying out beauty  related things and other cool stuff. The main Buzzfeed channel has one of my favorite series, The Try Guys.



Lady like is a channel that is part of Buzzfeed too, and I love all their videos.

React and FBE Channels

I love watching people react to different stuff and these are the best channels  for that.

ellie and jared


I love watching their videos, they’re all about their family and life lessons, I love it!



A.K.A Cristine, her videos are all about books and she is one of the few booktubers that I watch. Plus her personality is amazing, I love her.

So that’s all! HJOpe you liked this post.

Feel free to comment your favorite youtubers, I would love to know!





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