One Republic Concert!

HI everyone! So last month I had the amazing opportunity to go, for the first time, to a One Republic Concert! They are one of my favorite bands ever and it was their first time in my beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

When I first learned they were going to be here I couldn’t believe it! I told my mom right away and the concert tickets were my graduation gift.

Anyway, It was amazing and here are some pics and stuff that I wanted to share about it:


I was in arena and it was truly amazing! I was really close, jumping and singing and loving every song they performed.

Because it was their first time here, they performed a lot of their old songs, like stop and stare, secrets, good life,etc.

I have A LOT of videos in my phone that I wish I could share with you 😦 but I converted my favorite parts of two different videos into gifs so you could appreciate them 😉



The last one I took when he got out of the stage and walked RIGHT BY ME!! It was the best thing that has ever happened to me in a concert, and I was totally freaking out.

These pics were taken by another girl that was really close when Ryan walked over the seats and started to sing the last part of counting stars with everyone, and they are so good so I wanted to share them with you.


So yeah, I had an amazing time at the concert! One Republic is one of my favorite bands ever so I was really excited and it was truly amazing the whole concert.



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